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Our Philosophy

We are reinventing the wheel – so to speak. We are challenging the traditional way of doing things and deconstructing them down to the “atoms.” Then, we study the “how” and “why” of these atoms under the microscope, and reconstitute them to make what you want – no more, no less. Wouldn’t you rather have a stir-fry without the grease? Wouldn’t it be better if you could have your sushi with only the ingredients you want? We make them happen by deconstructing their traditional counterparts and reconstituting with the only parts you want.

We will continue to deconstruct and reconstitute everything to make them better for everybody, whether it be the way we handle our inventory, the way we make the food for you, or how we take your money (Oops!! did I say that out loud?). So, stay tuned and see what other crazy things we come up with.

About the Chief Nomster

Hi everyone, I am the Chief Nomster, Thet H. Tint. Yes, I am writing this in first person instead of letting someone else write about me in third person because I am all about personal relationships. Let me introduce about myself a little so that you would know exactly who you are trusting to sell you the food you will eat.

I grew up in the City of Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar (Burma). As almost everyone else, I went to the government run school but in my 9th grade (in 2000), I had this “crazy idea” to quit the school altogether and go abroad to continue my education. Long story short, I came to Nashville, TN in August, 2002 to begin college as a Freshman in the Vanderbilt University. In May 2006, I graduated from the College of Arts and Science with B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Immediately after, I started my A.S.N program in Aquinas College. I got my A.S.N degree in December of 2008 but due to unforseen immigration issues, I could not take my Nursing License exam until 2010.

Of course, I didn’t waste my one year hiatus sitting around. During this time, I had my next “crazy idea” to open a sushi restaurant. The main reason stemmed from my notoriety as a picky eater; I don’t like avocado in my sushi. So, I started planning out my concept based on the premise of certain submarine sandwich shops, mainly to cater to picky people like me. Of course, there was this teeny tiny issue of where to begin. The challenge seemed insurmountable since, well, let’s just say, I don’t know a thing about how to make that happen. So, I started learning about how to start a business, how to price the menu, what permits and licenses to get, et cetera, while working as a nurse.

In August of 2011, I quit my nursing job (yes, I know “it’s crazy!!”) and started working full-time on my “crazy idea.” Fast forward 10 months, after several problems and surprises, my “crazy idea” became “Nomzilla! sushi et cetera.” As a nurse and having knowledge of molecular biology, I know exactly what to do and not to do to keep my food safe and of course, nomlicious. So, what’s the message here, you say. Here is my message to you; I am just one of you who has a lucky break to get a chance to follow the American dream. As such, I have no intention of giving my soul to the devil to make a buck, which is to say, I don’t cut corners and I don’t rip you off. That is my message to you.

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